Saturday, 9 April 2011

Friends, this is for you.


We reserve the right to choose who is our friends in the relations of friendship. Friends that regardless of gender, age, race and religion. As long as it is called "friends", it remains a "best friends" to us. In friendship, one should rebuke a wrong one, and another friend, he/she must improve in order not to repeat her mistakes in the future. 

Do not close the great advances of this? I have friends. Yups, I am friends with people outside the country and he lived in Malaysia to continue his education. He is good and friendly. And I know he is in the Tagged, a social networking site. Although I do not know him fully, I am thankful to be friends with him. And yes, he was concerned about his friends. Look at this picture, it looks great!  

Thanks for this friendship, Abdul Baki!  

Fyi, I really like making friends with different types of people and to see their range.
Women in Malaysia easily impressed by a man from others country? Hmm, there may be correctly as well. *Haha. Just look at the world today. Most people in Malaysia like to pair with people outside the country. May cause a lot of money? Probably because of the height? Or may be because of the extremely romantic nature? Possible reason to care? Probably because of Malaysia has no such feature? Many questions that may arise from our minds, right? 

So, friends, and we should certainly be encouraged to choose friends wisely. Do not be mistaken measures and finally brought himself to the valley of the undesirable.
So, said thanks to friends for everything! I <3 you!

p/s: I'm sorry for my English and I'm still learning. :)

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